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Mission Statement
To assist, disseminate and promote services, education and networking opportunities to independent inventors.
Founded in early 2004 our chapter has made continued strides in sharing information resources to both amateur and seasoned inventors and continues promoting individual inventors.
We welcome all individuals and parties whom share the goal in further promoting an Iowa based resource for inventors and product assimilation. Meetings are typically held every 2nd Monday of the month. Meetings are free and dress is casual.
Our typical meeting will include a guest speaker and they will speak on a variety of topics that are of interest to inventors. Past speakers include patent attorneys and prototype makers. After the speaker talks we always open it up for question and answers so the attendees can ask their specific questions. We then have a short business meeting. See below for meeting schedule
Yes that is me with Director Iancu of the USPTO and Senator Chuck Grassley. (from July visit)
I will be going back to Washington DC next week and having meetings at the USPTO and Congress.
Come to our meeting and I will tell you about it.  
Next Meeting:    MONDAY - Feb 8 @ 7PM

Randy Landreneau with US Inventor. (lobbyist for small inventors)
Attached picture of us in Wash DC 2 years ago.
He will talk about where we are regarding our patent rights (your ability to stop a large infringer)

  • What inventors have lost from bad legislation and judicial decisions
  • Who is responsible for the terrible state of our patent rights
  • What US Inventor has done to stop the bleeding
  • How to best protect yourself in the current environment
  • What US Inventor has achieved recently for inventors
  • What US Inventor is doing now to restore our rights
  • Why and how we will win this battle for the American Dream

We will charge $5 to watch and participate (ask questions) in the meeting.
You can pay me by PayPal or Venmo.
Upon receipt we will send you the Zoom link



Any questions- just call or write.
Please feel free to distribute this to your constituents.



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  Inventor Rights PAC
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Inventor Rights for the 116th U.S. Congress


Hello ,

A new Congress will convene in 3 weeks. Inventors don't have professional lobbyists. We have only ourselves. Please sign the resolution and share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is the only way to get the message out to the inventors that are desperate for protection for their inventions.



Check Facebook site for last minute details.


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